E094 – Brandon and Candice Do Washington

Brandon & Candice took a multi-modal tour around Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula this summer; they share some stories about the journey.  We watch the TARC Bus Bike Rack Rap.

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Treehugger: ETSY employees haul 600lbs of compostables each month by bike
BikePortland: thoughts on getting a “free ride.”
Sightline via Logan: Northwest gasoline consumption makes a modest decline
NPR via Dayn: Copenhagen builds highways for people on bicycles
The Atlantic Cities: Is London Serious About Building a Network of Elevated Bike Lanes?

We get a generous donation from George in Washington DC.  Thanks George!

Rance compares Brandon’s banana bike discovery to the first bicycles, or “dandy horses.”
“The only difference is that you hang in the new one and sit on the old one. Take a look and see.” (timepoint 4:38)

Chris in Arcata comments on the red shoulder in E92’s picture – it’s of Brock and Adele riding in Frisco CO.

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