E070 – Blayne Prowse: The Cynical Cyclist

Blayne Prowse is a show listener who is up to some great things north of the border in Cumberland, BC on Vancouver Island.  We discuss his bicycle tour in the Yukon and his domestic simplicity and adventure pursuits.  His blog, The Cynical Cyclist, details some of these things and makes for some great reading!

We also respond to a pointed email sent in by Steve on the many differences between those from the “Carbon Spandex Jungle” (term attributed to Allen Lim) and those from the hipster enclaves of the urban forests.  Brock referenced this article about how You Can Wear Anything On a Bike by Dave Feucht from Portlandize.com and a chapter from Joe Kurmaskie’s book Momentum Is Your Friend.

Brock & his lady are headed out this week for an exciting bicycle adventure through the icy lands of Eastern Oregon, arriving in the city Bend by way of the Central Oregon Breeze passenger coach.  If you’d like to read the letter Brock wrote campaigning for guaranteed bicycle reservations, you can find it here. The good news is that if you specifically ask for a guaranteed bicycle reservation when booking your tickets over the phone, they should now work with you to make this possible!

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