E050 – Drinking Show!

My goodness. A year of podcasts! we take some time for looking back, and also for looking forward. And, of course, we drink our liquor!

Listener Patrick suggests incorporating a drinking game. We do our best to oblige.

GOOD magazine: protest big Wall Street corporations with their own junk mail!
TriMet Diaries: Dr. Jeff writes a field guide to Public Transit Operators
Dr. Jeff: a holiday transit fare drive for folks who can’t afford it
PathLessPedaled: how losing a car saved Russ Roca’s life
BikePortland: UPS is hiring 49 bicycle package delivery workers for the Christmas season
BikePortland: study shows that manufacturing trumps transport for greenhouse gas emission
Oregonian: two teachers inspire Gresham middle school students with bike club

Good Stuff
BBC produces a segment on the Portland Zoobomb

Carl shares a link to a bicycle-driven food and wine series in NYC at pedaling.tv/;
as well as Liz Canning who collaboratively documents her passion for the cargo bike movement!

Darren from “Downunder” donates (thanks!) and says “Just sent a little coin your way gents in preparation for the mega 50th episode. Thanks for the laughs over the past 12 months, I’ve enjoyed every episode. Have a beer or two on me….” Also says: “(No more pisstakes on the Aussie accent Brandon… Okay, just one 😉 )”

Susan from Plano TX shares a few links with us: the North Portland Tool Library, and the announcement of Logan & Tammy’s Tiny House!

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