E040 – Jonathan Maus: BikePortland

This week we speak to Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org about his locally focused bicycle news service.  We discuss: getting to Portland, getting bit by the bicycle bug, 12 year old completes a century, Santa Barbara mountain biking, BikePortland is six years old!, moderating a forum for people with so many differing opinions, the spectrum of cyclists & creating a “big tent” for all kinds of people, activism and journalism coming together, myths about bicycle infrastructure, a bird’s-eye view of the many subcultures in the bicycling world, language as it relates to media and perception, a favorite/ least favorite place to bicycle in town.

We hear from listener Carl about the “crazy vegan expresso” tour in Europe, listener Patrick who named his band after a bus route, and Amos from Bike Temple who is on tour to Vancouver BC and thwarted a dog attack.

New York Times: Portland installs electric vehicle charging stations powered by solar panels
EcoVelo via Logan: 2008 Active Transportation report shows many benefits in depth
Brandon Rhodes: Apocalypse Puppet Theater operates a bicycle-towed stagecoach
BikePortland: ODOT plans to bridge a trail gap in the Columbia River Gorge
Urban Adonia via BikePortland: stripped Toyota chassis becomes a 7-person recumbent bicycle

the fabulous Portland-based Hillstomp presents their unique blend of buckets-and-cans-blues on their latest release Darker The NIght and this week’s featured song, “Cardiac Arrest in D.”

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