E034 – Darren Alff: Bicycle Touring Pro

Darren of Bicycle Touring Pro talks world travel, bicycle touring, and impromptu marathons.

BikePortland: Creative fellow offers cookies to cyclists at controversial intersection
BikePortland: Peace activist releases book and rides handcycle 1,100 miles
Green Garbage Project: pros and cons of various lawn mowing options BikePortland:Portland resident runs rock shows by bike

We discuss: Portland beards, slow internet connections, coming home early, began cycle touring at 17, 11 years of big & wild adventures, working while traveling & self employment,Park City, Utah, what you can find on BicycleTouringPro.com, cold weather touring in Europe, stopping at every skate park along the way to skateboard and being told “you’re doing it wrong,” Darren’s sojourn in Peru, cheap bikes for rent, the trike adventure/challenge, Brandon’s visit to Peru, vegetarian options (no guinea pig), dignitarian, flexitarian, and freegan, stealth camping & hospitality is better in Peru, living and working while traveling, Europe can be done on a budget, supplementing your income by renting out your home, let the vacations come to you, running a marathon with absolutely no training, VersaEmerge powers Darren’s exercise, his other websites:DarrenAlff.com, motorcycletouringpro.com, silvermountainmarketing.com

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