E033 – Friedel Grant: TravellingTwo.com

Friedel from TravellingTwo.com connects with us from Holland to tell us about circling the globe using bicycles, cargo ships, and other means on a two year whirlwind adventure.
CORRECTION: Dustin, who just finished his bike tour across the country, has this website:www.work2ride.com

We discuss: Living in Holland, its two capitals, terminology, cultural differences between Holland & the U.S., multi-modal respect, bike sharing programs, hailing from Nova Scotia, 8000km of bicycle infrastructure on a country the size of a postage stamp, “cycling by numbers,” not much wild land but there are pole camping sites, the TravellingTwo website, getting out of town is the hardest part, Laura of PathLessPedaled & ankle injury, winter bicycle touring, their ‘round-the-world journey, finding a unique method for global adventure, not cyclists at the outset, going by cargo ship to New Zealand, ship crews and pirate stories, lots of down time, ping pong with the captain, making pizza with a camp stove & other creative solutions, Ray from biketouringtips.com, staying connected while on the road, a loaded touring bike starts conversations, the Heinz Stücke interview, plans for future tours

Headlines courtesy of Logan Smith
The Atlantic via EcoVelo: Top bike commuting cities seem to be happier & more successful
APBP.org: Womens’ cycling survey results indicate bike lanes are helpful
Taking The Lane: Elly Blue ponders guilt & being car-free
Wall Street Journal: NYC cycling reality eclipses big-city antibike mania
TBD.com: cycling to work in DC might make you happier, too
OnEarth.org: AASHTO & ACA roll out plans for a potential interstate US bikeway system 

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