E027 – Meredith Stewart: Transit Misadventure

Our friend Meredith Stewart joins us to detail her first foray into long-distance transit travel and her induction into bicycle commuting.

We discuss: Sunday Parkways and our appearance on the local news, Lompoc’s 5th Quadrant, the Bicycle RV built by genius Brian that was often parked at the CityBikes Workers’ Co-Op, meeting Amos of Portland’s Bike Temple in person, we also saw Russ & Laura, Logan, Listener Evelyn, Jonathan Maus, and Rob Sadowsky, Brandon keeps Brock on track, Listener Katelynn reaches the beach and outhustles everyone else, Meredith’s bicycle conversion, Johnny Cash steals a car, bicycle route maps for Portland, endorphins and epiphanies, “cyclelogical”, Portland Afoot discount subscription with code “sprocket”, two dudes in a basement, donations, the epic bus journey, hood canal writing retreat, Brock has a bus fetish, 161 miles, C-TRAN’s new buses are plush, Burgerville serving beer and wine in Salmon Creek, beauty in the suburbs, CAP Shuttle, (“people should give them money”), 3 hour layover at a quirky coffee shop, smoking in the bus shelter, missing the bus, kindness and generosity on the way back, successful completion of the trip,EpicTransitJourneys.com, Rebels-By-Bus.net, PortlandAfoot.org, Brock’s transit options site, beer talk, pronunciation problems

Northwest Wanderer: making electronics viable on a bicycle tour
Edible Cycles: inexpensive local electricity generator for your bicycle dyno hub

Brandon shares the Fire Station 5 Fire Boat Amber with Brock.  Meredith quaffs 3 Wishes Red Wine.

Lamppost Revival presents “Mr. Tinman” from their EP So Rises the Moon.

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