E022 – The Belle Starrs

This week we chat with Jordana Barrack and Nora Prazan, founders of the Fort Collins, CO all-lady bicycle gang The Belle Starrs.

We discuss: free pile of rotten wood, The Professor, fanfare, “rambunctious women of the road and trail,” the bike camping trip that started it all, Denver’s Cheetah Bitches, garter belts and headbadges, facebook is the new way to start a gang, “bring together the glorious women who love bicycles,” gender balance among cyclists, group rides, defining the word “gang,” cowboys and indians, Ride magazine coverage, nurturing passions, Field of Dreams, Zoobombers and their mayor-sanctioned installment, Ladies’ wrenching workshop, spreading the word, asking questions, who was Belle Starr?, a nautical star on her tombstone, The Dandy Lions rise in response, knife fight!, Filmed By Bike and the “Crash” film, Fall Roundup, upcoming events, Spring Fling, persistent rain, spontaneous rides announced by facebook, the F***ing Bike Club, mildly inappropriate acronyms, the Belle Starrs website, facebook, and email list, Spoketyles, beer cozies

BikePortland: Coffeehouse owner says cyclists have worn out their welcome
BikePortland: cyclist policeman and swerving motorist sit down over coffee
CycleWild: some of Matt’s touring gear

Jordana & Nora sent us via parcel post these awesome beers: New Belgium’s Vrienden, 8.5% ABV, and New Belgium’s Ooh Lah Lah, also 8.5% ABV!

thanks to listener Blayne for recommending The British Columbians.  This is their song “A Fine Mess” from their upcoming album release.
The British Columbians

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