E018 – Joshua DeParrie: The Bicycle Plumber

Joshua DeParrie is a service plumber, but with a very interesting catch: he gets around, both to and from his worksites, by bicycle!  We had him in for an entertaining and informative explanation of how that works.  His website for St. Francis Plumbing iswww.bicycleplumber.com

We discuss: Hillstomp puts on an awesome show, Brandon is quitting his job, Jon stalks us on the facebooks, french names, send us your stories, help us design a new logo, we should podcast our morning coffee, The Railroad Revival Tour with Mumford & Sons &Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, PathLessPedaled.com: how to talk to your partner about bike touring, and folding bikes secreted onto airplanes, The Lazy Randonneur: why I don’t dress up like a traffic cone, BikePortland.org: a bike/transit damage case turns out OK, Bike Trailer Blog: go to the ski slopes by bike, drinking in the ski lodge, how does a plumber get around by bike? On a Kona Ute, of course, Black Oak trailers, growing up on bike/on foot in Portland, inspired by not liking large trucks, paradigm shift, motivations, localized life, gas boycotts and the fungability of oil, “digging ourselves into a hole of cynicism,” “wondering if it was really going to work,” substituting a bike for a truck is like LOTR, tools and tool bags, “I don’t carry everything with me all of the time,” going to the store is inevitable, Forest Heights and Portland’s east/west side class battle, Marvin Gaye is dead, malt liquor tastes like formaldehyde or the floor of a WalMart, the real angry bird, close encounter with a falcon, Saint Francis and his connection to nature, Portland could become a car-free city, Jerusalem’s tiny streets, Bicycle City [which is actually planned for North Carolina!], create a socially conscious market demand, “Copenhagen left,” bicycle plumber aspirations, the Sawzall is awesome, incentives, “Supportland,” the bicycle plumber is like Rosa Parks, not so much like Joe the Plumber, pace of life, Phoenix to Portland in a U-haul, walking is best, monads, Sting & The Police’s “Synchronicity II” and Dire Straits’ “Industrial Disease

Brandon – Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale from Olympia WA, Brock & Joshua: Ninkasi Total Domination IPA from Eugene OR.

I Can’t Wait” from Seattle-based Explone‘s newest album Dreamers/Lovers released in 2010.
Dreamers/Lovers - Explone 

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