E015 – John Feeds Multitudes

John Eads of Pyro Pizza joins us to cook an incredible bounty of food, and then to discuss food systems, budgets, and the state of nutrition in the industrialized world.

Note: We also recorded our conversation during the meal if you’re interested in hearing our off-the-cuff observations with our significant others.  The charts that John drew up are available here for your perusal.

We discuss: Zach in Ft. Collins might give us a handmade bike show update,bikeportland.org has some great galleries, Logan’s neighbor looks trustworthy, whiskey stones, NYT (thanks Mark Parrish): retired police officer grows her own tobacco in her backyard, Bike Trailer Blog: Moving from house to house in Kentucky by bike,Oregonian: TriMet bus routes look a bit like an anthill.  1 day’s routes in 2 minutes,Oregonian: bus driver refuses to drive bus after driver’s seat is smeared with feces,BikePortland: as bicycle ridership increases, road accident numbers go down across the board, gobicycletouring.info: newlywed couple plans to bicycle through all 50 US states, Filmed By Bike: April 15-17 ($8 per show or $25 weekend pass), “I micromanage for a living,” food cart explosion, “I Am John Eads” T-shirts, moving the cart with a dump truck, the great meal, Newsweek article: The Dinner Divide, “what the hell are they buying? for $1000/month I could have almost everything imported from france!”, cheap, mid-level, and most expensive versions of the same meal, charts on what people spend per calorie, $.88 Banquet frozen meal, shopping for 4 items in 2.5 hours, 16 plates worth on 12, “my wife scolded me for not making dessert,” french bread crust sleeve/cast, big box stores are scary, american processed cheese food, polymers, 4000 calories a day, portion control diets, eating your child’s food,uncrustables, folks in the west hills can donate, “meat is not a spice,” sodium goes through the roof, Brock was the only one that ate the meatballs, industrial food is the standard, availability of high quality food, america is becoming a food desert (see alsothis article), “No one I knew could cook anything,” the dodo bird of vegetables, addiction to junk & organic MREs, “we’re not crusting the sandwiches,” making food can be time consuming, the Old Crow melted the lacquer off of the coffee table, cooking beans in quantity (and soaking them), “the problem with a lot of poeple…”, fast food logo stress study, mostly natural & organic & local is possible with planning and other people, “bug ’em to hell,” obvious red flags on breakfast cereals & juices, oranges are better & cheaper anyways.

together, we drink a large portion of a bottle of Old Crow Bourbon

the fabulous Portland-based Hillstomp presents their unique blend of buckets-and-cans-blues on their latest release Darker the Night and this week’s featured song, “Banjo Song #1.”
Darker the Night - Hillstomp

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the meal:

wrangling the ipod into place with tape to record the dinner conversation: