E014 – Adam Caress: The Great Technology Question

Adam Caress of mulevariations.com joins us remotely to discuss the methods by which we discern our relationship with technology this week.

We discuss: mixed drink terminology, Boston’s Lower Depths alehouse, drinking with your in-laws, Louis Avden’s gardening update, Sven Birkert’s The Gutenburg Elegiesand the mulevariations.com interview, no cable or television, first text message, before the internet, asking the question, how do we relate to each other?, consequences & morality, generational gaps, “we put people on that shit,” inventiveness and its associated problems, interstate highways, pesticides on plants, the narrative of progress, the unruly virgin that is America, Ray Kurzwiel & singularity, “this shit has aneschatology,” people who upload their consciousness aren’t very happy, death & ending well, denying death is creepy, Aleksander Sozhenitsyn wasn’t afraid of death, inscrutable on iTunes, science fiction grandparents, grandparent telegraph email, pro/anti twitter?, booking bands is easy, myspace is the Detroit of social networks, reminiscing with grandparents, waiting for the Cubs world series win, the Plain Reader, Amish independence, Colt 45 isn’t all that great, wilting boquet, outro cabling issues

Brandon drinks the Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale (6.9%), Brock endures a Colt 45 High Gravity Lager (8.5%), and Adam savors his single malt Islay Scotch Whiskey fromMcClelland’s.

Falling Stars” by Adam Caress of “T”, which is his band that finally consisted of mostly siblings, from the EP “Plan A”
Plan A - T 

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