E203 – Olive & Dingo: Clowning Around

Dingo Dizmal & Olive Rootbeerare professional clowns in Portland and make entertainment and fun a lifestyle.  From days of yore to the present day, their distinctive style & bikes make them local icons and loved legends in bikey circles.  We chat about their cafe shows, clowning & its phobia, tallbikes and their occasional misappropriation, and how activism dovetails into everyday lifestyle habits. So much good stuff! I couldn’t edit it down. Settle in folks, it’s a long one.

Also: Brock gets hailed by a listener downtown, and Aaron gets a new patch on his jacket; the Transportastic studio opener is on 10/25 6:30pm at IPRC!

note: still ironing out the wrinkles of our new machine and the audio cuts to left-channel only in the last 10-15 minutes.

Listener Drew offers us a rain cape trial before hearing last week’s episode.

Listener John (who builds cargo bikes) from the other coast is coming to Portland west.

Eric in Vancouver asks: does this count as a bicycle? Yes, yes it does.

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