E523 – REBROADCAST Zed Bailey & Dan Kaufman

We are sharing this archived episode after learning of the passing of former guest Zed Bailey.  We were saddened to hear of this and our condolences are with those who were close to him.  If you or anyone you know need help, reach out.  The national suicide prevention lifeline is 1-800-273-8255, and Oregon’s location-specific resources may be found at the Oregon Health Authority’s page.  No one should go it alone.

Zed Bailey & Dan Kauffman are the driving force behind Open Bike Night,CrankMyChain Cycle TV, and a host of creative projects and activism around the city of Portland.  We drink and talk about a host of topics, including Pedalpalooza, Einstein and the Theory of Relativity, cycling in SLC, Rev. Phil, Zoobombing, the Magical Midnight Mystery Ride, and “doing it better.”  Dan even plays a few original songs for us.

Zed mentions a song from Enter The Haggis: “Gasoline

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