E507c – SprocketShift Happy Hour #2

Pedalshift & The Sprocket Podcast continue getting together for online happy hours in these unusual times.  This is the second, recorded on March 20, 2020, featuring friend of the show Greg in California and former Sprocket guests EJ & Ellie!

Stay tuned to the news on our social media feeds for info about the next, or visit pedalshift.net/happyhour to view old video and learn about upcoming events.

Watch the 3/20 rebroadcast:

One thought on “E507c – SprocketShift Happy Hour #2

  1. Hey sprocketeers –

    I’ve listened to you for a long time, but I did take a break for a while since I found all the talk of Portland OR frustrating when I was living in Portland ME where the cycling scene is not quite the same.

    In any event, on your last Happy Hour – there was a discussion of trailers. I bought a trailer when I decided to live car-free in San Jose, and had load anxiety as I was giving up my car. I bought a ‘Cycletote’ cargo trailer and can’t praise it highly enough. The wheels are 700C, so I can use the same tubes and tires as I do on my commute bike. It is built like a tank – I have gone to home depot and bought bags of cement which I brought home on the bike. I got an adapter kit to allow me to use it as a child trailer and have brought my grand-daughter to the farmers market and had plenty of room for both child and groceries.

    I now live in Portland OR (SW) and am enjoying some of the cycling around here, although I now have a motor vehicle as well.

    Keep up the good work, and keep the rubber side down.


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