E505 – Chris For Metro!

Chris Smith is a favorite repeat guest, and while we know he’s an incredibly smart guy, the general public is about to learn how much he can help the Portland region!  Chris is tossing his hat into the ring in the upcoming May election for Metro Councilor in the regional government that helps to regulate transportation, housing, and environmental matter, among other things. There are some times when it feels good to be an independent platform, and we are excited to endorse him as the best choice for the job.  Listen to our chat with him here, read the great recent BikePortland article about his campaign, and visit chrisformetro.com to dive into supporting him!

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March 8th – International Womanx’s day ride / food drive fr bradley angle house benefiting survivors of domestic assault,
March 8th – Magpie Ride (*check corvidae facebook for both this and above.)
March 18th – Oregon Field Guide viewing party at Evolution Fitness, 7pm
March 21st – Fernweh Good Co-Gropu Hike V2 (with Ashley Lance!)
May 9 – Mohawk Valley Metric Century, Armitage Park, Eugene OR
June 13 – Hop Head Hundred in Independence, OR
August 15th – Swift Summit 200/100 V.4 in Lebanon, OR
August 16th – Swift Summit NW Hill Climb (location unknown) TT p/b Chamois Butt’r

2nd Thursday of every month Joyful Rider’s Club in Minneapolis
1st Friday of every month SF Bike Party
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Also, 2nd friday of Every Month Indianapolis Bike Party
Also, Also, 2nd Friday of Every Month East Bay Bike Party
3rd Friday of every month is the San Jose Bike Party
Last Friday of every month: Baltimore Bike Party
The 1st Saturday of every month Civil Unrest Ride in PDX
Every 2nd Sunday of every month in PDX: Corvidae Bike Club Ride
The last Sunday of every month is the Vintage & Classic ride in Huntsville, AL

Columbus, OH – March 1st
Idaho Falls, ID – March 5th
Ithica, NY – March 10th
Bend, OR – March 19th
Pittsburg, PA – March 22nd
Bend, OR – April 16th
Sacramento, CA – May 6th
18th Annual – May 14th -> 17th Hollywood Theatre Portland, OR
Crested Butte, CO – June 25th
Alvdal, Norway – Sept 4th

BeerMongers secures vote for best in state according to CraftBeer.com

From Willamette Week via Brock: It’s now a violation of portland city code for drive-thru windows to refuse to serve people who pedal & walk to the window

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