E467 REBROADCAST Guthrie’s First Interview!

Aaron & Guthrie are taking a much needed holiday this weekend, and while they are away we bring you Guthrie’s first appearance on the podcast from 2014!  New in-studio show next week.

Guthrie Straw grew up in Oregon and leads bicycle tours with Cycle Portland Bike Tours when he’s not enjoying longer bicycle tours of his own.  After he and Brock met during the Filmed By Bike jury screenings, they decided to record a show together, which also led to some interesting discussion about Ketchikan, Alaska and outdoor leadership dynamics.

Also: fossil fuel divestment (OPB & Alison Wiley), former co-host Brandon’s new business Rolling Oasis (now defunct), pedestrian assumptions & motorized vehicle proliferation.

Multimodal Alaska Adventures: some poetry, a bus story, and ruminations on privilege

Bike Safe Boston: a field guide to predicting vehicle driver behvior

BikePortland: Travel Oregon needs your input on bicycling in the Columbia River Gorge!

Robert explains why the London elevated cycleway doesn’t make sense.

Card from Richard in TX!

JohnnyK says “You can force sound into a persons ear but you cannot make them a listener.”

Dan in MN will bike to Portland someday.

Ginny twitters about #RAGBRAI.

Ethan Seltzer from Pedal Power & E049saw this article and thought of us.
Tim chimes in: “Now THAT’s a cool recumbent!”
Stay tuned for our interview with Organic Transit’s Rob Cotter and ELF owner Lorraine later this week!

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