E431 – Norm & Brad Do a Multimodal Commute

Norm & Brad are commuters with a twist: they cover some ground by car from their faraway homes and then transform into bicycle commuters at the state line!  Brad wondered for years who this person was – and, as it turns out, so did Brock!  Norm is the smartest guy in the room, and involved with Bikes For Humanity. We talk commuting tips, raingear, and innovative solutions to traffic bottlenecks.

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2nd Thursday of every month Joyful Rider’s Club in Minneapolis
2nd Friday of Every Month Boston Bike Party
Also, 2nd friday of Every Month Indianapolis Bike Party
Also, Also, 2nd Friday of Every Month East Bay Bike Party
Last friday of every month: Baltimore Bike Party
Every 2nd Sunday of every month in PDX: Corvidae Bike Club Ride
Sept. 22: Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Lowell, MA
Sept. 29: Wheels On Fire 100, Tucumcari, NM
Sept 29: DRT Arlington (more info in news)
Nov 9 & 10: Portland Podcast Festival

Hood River, OR – October 30
Akron, OH – November 4
Arcata, CA – November 15
Bendigo, Australia – November 30
Phoenix, AZ – November 30
Boise, ID – January 18

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From bikearlington.com: What to Expect at Arlington’s First-Ever Disaster Relief Trials

From bikeportland.org: Portland Police deploy canine, air support units to chase down bike thief

Iloveroadcycling.com: The Brand New “Infinity Seat”

A txt from Isaac on planing/not planning

Todd G in DC Loved the Library Episode – shares PubMed Central and “Thank You For Being Late, an optimist’s guide in the age of accelerations.

Daniel P has some advice for the next time we’re in Minneapolis: “If don’t peddle out to Medina Ball Room and Entertainment Center you are just plain podcasting wrong.”

John in Goldendale also recommends Minnesota‘s Largest Candy Store. They do not accept credit cards, bring cash.

Suzy Knutson recommends One on One Bicycle Studio and Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar

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