E395 – Aaron & Guthrie Ring In The New Year

“Catchin’ up” with Aaron & Guthrie: it’s the new year, and we take some time to reflect on the past year’s experiences, along with what the new one may hold.  Also, Aaron goes through his bag and finally prepares to mail stickers and patches to our donors!

2nd Friday of Every Month Boston Bike Party
Also 2nd friday of Every Month Indianapolis Bike Party
Every 2nd Sunday of every month Corvidae Bike Club Ride

Jan 28: Ovarian Psycos @ Hollywood Theater (and elsewhere!)
Feb 3: Caddyshack! ride
Feb 24: Menagerie in Motion Kinetic Derby Gainsville, FL
Sept. 22: Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Lowell, MA

Boise, ID – February 8, 2018
Aarhus, Demark – March 3, 2018
SXSW, Austin, TX – TBD around March 9-12, 2018
Copenhagen – March 10, 2018
Albany, NY – July 22, 2018
Seattle, WA – TBD
Vancouver, WA – TBD
Arcata, CA – November, 2018
Bendigo, Australia – October, 2018

One-minute news from twitter: a fine upstanding #yegbike citizen (Edmonton, Canada) gives a 10 minute safety lesson to an errant motorist

From Sam who is cycling the world:

“I have a three part blog series coming out about my experience, the first of which is available here if you wanted to read more. https://pedalingtheglobe.com/trip-diary-bicycle-touring-the-annapurna-circuit-part-i/

“I also just finished putting together a short video of my experience which I’m hoping shows what its like to cycle at altitude on The Annapurna Circuit (video).”

Anna comments on E394 with Joan : “i just woke up the cohost because i was listening in bed and laughing at the coffee/whole30 commentary. such good banter.”

FROM THE RANGER OF TOM! on “Woo Woo Lights”

From William in MI: Where’s the new show? Don’t disrespect Detroit!

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