E351 – Ryan & Val Go Bike Camping in CA

Brock met Ryan LaBarre at Velo Cult and they got to talking about bicycling and camping.  Ryan and Val Brown of The Om Cycle experimented with camping by bike in Santa Cruz, San Francisco & Napa Valley before moving to Portland and camping at Ainsworth State Park.  We talk about the experiences, what they learned, and what they want to do next!

Also: Brock & Adele ride the Steens Mountain area, and Aaron asks a question about road use.

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From treehugger.com via PBJar Matt: Cyclist tells people NOT to ride the Trans Canada Trail

Hub Bicycle Shop Has Closed 🙁

From Superfan Aqua: someone get her a GoFundMe!

From Ranger Tom: Ever have a surprise tied up by your bike when you return?

Some Tweets from Harry Hugel on E350 & an industry magazine podcast list.

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