E349 – The Ladd’s 500/Justin Patti’s Adventures

Brock & Aaron participated in The Ladd’s 500, arguably the stupidest bike event of the spring season.  And that’s why it’s so great!  Five hundred laps around a ⅕ mile circle, mostly by relay teams but also by a few individuals.  What happened?  All the stories, here.

Justin Patti is an acquaintance from Colorado who recently moved to Portland!  He’s a friend of former show guest The Professor, a bicycle enthusiast who once helped staff KRFC’s Bikes and Beer radio show, and he recently took a low-structure trip to have bicycling adventures in southern California.

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Calendar – Be A Part of It!
2nd Friday of every month: Indianapolis Bike Party
April 15: 10am, Ladd’s 500
April 29: De Ronde
April 30: La Doyenne
May 5: Filmed By Bike
May 19: Bike to Work Day DC
May 20: Reach the Beach!
May 28: P-Town Throwdown skateboard race
June 6:  Alameda Stair Carry
June 10: Clever Cycles turns 10!
June 11: Dads on Vacation
June 14: Bicycle exsmuss
June 18: Brompton World Championships in NYC
June 24: Women Bike beginners bike camp
June 24: The Gathering at Gateway Green -Featuring Dirt Lab-
July 7: The Steens Mazama 1000
July 15-16: The Seattle-To-Portland
Oct 6: The AML_X challenge


From fastcompany.com via Mr.T: At This Bike Shop, You Can Trade Your Old Car For An Electric Bicycle

From cyclingabout.com via Eric Iverson: What’s the Speed Difference Between Front/Rear Panniers and BikePacking Bags? Results

From Josh G: “I’m going down the copyright free kid music rabbit hole”

Right at the beginning is some pretty funny bike stuff.  and car safety is at 4:20 .. www.kiddierecords.com/mgac/streams/Songs_of_Safety.m3u
Songs of Safety- Frank Luther   Decca C.U. 113  (1) 12″ 78RPM record in bi-fold sleeve Total Time: 8:37
from http://www.kiddierecords.com/mgac/index_2.htm

From Cory Poole: An interesting tidbit on the Warhol banana.

From Keith Hutchison: peeps rolling into the first stop at BikeParty Indy

From Anna: “it looks like the dudes at this shop (disclosure, they visited clever AND gladys) rigged a soft guitar case into a pannier via ortlieb’s QL3 or QL2 hook system.”

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One thought on “E349 – The Ladd’s 500/Justin Patti’s Adventures

  1. I call dibs on a spot on the team next year!
    One point about the car situation: there was one lady who didn’t know what was going on and didn’t know what to do, so she just got out of her car and started to take pictures. The people in the cars behind her didn’t really appreciate that haha.

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