E339 – Cory Skates in Other Cities

Cory Poole returns to talk about what it’s like to travel with a skateboard in a new city, whether that’s his recent trip to San Diego or your upcoming trip to Portland.  How does it work as you try to find your way around?  What should you know before you go?  We also chat a bit about skating with a young child in the city and what the law requires of us.

Also: Aaron and Anna “lived the revolution” and Aaron received a lot of hugs. Brock rented a car2go for a long trip when another option fell through.

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Calendar – Be A Part of It!
February 25: Open Signal, Portland Community Media Open House
February 26: Chilly Hilly ride in Seattle
February 27: Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby, Gainesville FL
March 11: The Dalles Mountain 60!
March 23: The Timber Trail launch party
April 15: 10am, Ladd’s 500
May 5: Filmed By Bike
June 11: Dads on Vacation
June 14: Bicycle Chrissmus
July 7: The Steens Mazama 1000

The Washington Post via Chris R.: ‘Every second counts.’ Cities turn to cyclists to save lives

Inside Science: Driving Fee Rolls Back Asthma Attacks in Stockholm

Pedalshift: 2     Sprocket: 0     Bicycle Times: 1

Alexis replies to Johns comment on E331

Mac Nurse David joins Team Sincerity for Ladds 500

Harry H. has pixies recommendations for Brock

Josh G is safety-conscious while expanding his mind, and found a disaster TV show that starts with a bicycle scene.

Russell P has been listening since E005 and is the son of a lorry driver (who are required to bike for greater empathy).

Sebastien Poole has listened to all episodes! “…hooked me way back when Retroshift was on. Later, I went back to the archives and gobbled up the rest.”  And: “Devo themed rides do happen”

From listener Jay: “Screw victim blaming from non cyclists and cyclists alike.”

Keith is a new listener. Welcome to the fold Keith!

Lastly, our senior bear-pelt correspondent gives us the what is the what.

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