E312 – Brittany Rides to Work (with special guest Dan Flores)

We chat with our friend Brittany about what it’s like to be a bicycle commuter in Portland, Oregon, even if you don’t go on a lot of special group rides or events.  What are the streets like? How do they facilitate a healthy existence in the city?  Also, we chat about some math and hair concepts.

And it’s the return of crowd favorite Dan Flores!

Also: Team Sincerity placed third in Bike Scout!

September 10: 50 States & 13 Colonies
September 17: Tour de Brew
October 1: Dr. Something EP, Rustic Machinery release party

From Aqua: LIFT Turns Most Bikes Into ‘Cargo Bikes’

PBJ Matt wonders if the traffic-straddling bus in China is a fake.

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