E220 – @dudeluna

Armando Luna is a twitter genius with his finger on the pulse of the Portland bicycle culture.  He’s a mountain bike enthusiast and a fun loving ride participant, a father and a husband, an all-around good guy.  Also: he’s a listener!  We sit down and wind a conversation through our points of commonality.

Also: Brock got some knee pain (helpful advice from BikePortland) and went to thehorse races; Aaron got seen on the trail by a mystery tweeter, and bought pants.  Path Less Pedaled gives a mountain bike review of Columbia County, OR.


BikePortland: ‘Recumbent PDX’ opens on SE Hawthorne

Oregonlive.com: Vancouver police looking for hit-and-run driver determined to get away

Listener Gerald: Portland Bike Party is happening!
This Friday, 1/30, 7pm at Jamison Square, 810 NW 11th Ave Portland OR

Press release: Bike Index and Spinlister team up to help Portland’s bike theft victims
see bikeindex.org & spinlister.com

BikePortland: Oregon Senate bill would repeal ‘bike bill,’ mandate bicycle licenses and registration


Thanks to new donor Andy Brunner!  He recommends the Novara safari as Brock’s next bike.

Dan tells us a bike will fit inside a Portland Loo.

JohnnyK recommends to bring TP with you at all times, and likes White Lightning Bamboo Cycle Wipes; explains his nail polish trick when fixing a chain.

Branden Shelby: “Here’s the coffee device that caught my eye.”

Richard says teaching adults to ride bikes is “truly more rewarding than any of the other classes that we teach.”

Phoebe admires the resilience of bicyclists.

Logan corrects Brock’s misunderstanding of his locking skewers:  “we use Zefal “Lock’n Roll” skewers” and also use their locking seat post clamp. You don’t have to lock them upside down.” Also, jewelry from Leatherman.

A shout out to Richard in England!

And John in Goldendale shares a poster for a bicycle rack design contest in his town.

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