E219 – Beth Hamon: Leaving On A Jet Plane

Beth Hamon is a cantorial soloist on a circuit to synagogues in various parts of the USA, sharing her talents of music and spiritual direction with the people she has made connections with there.  She joins us to give an update on her most recent work, discuss the environmental impact of air travel, and consider ethical living in transport as well as the rest of life.

Some of the resources Beth shared:
NYT: The Biggest Carbon Sin?
Wikipedia: Environmental Impact of Air Travel
Ivan Illich: Energy and Equity (Ideas in Progress)
Slate: Driving vs. Flying

Look for Beth’s music at CDbaby.com!

Also: Brock & Aaron take a trip to Stubb Stewart State Park


Tim Mooney is dismayed by the possible leverage of fees on the C&O canal.  In particular, from $0 to $20 in the time it takes a congressperson to sign a document.

Alvaro is rocking our sticker (the old school one!) and says “give me 3”

Brandon Rhodes sends us a story about a dog that rides the bus to the park by itself.

Chris Gonzalez says “not the cable!”

Logan Smith sends us a fundraiser for “smart grips.”

Gerald got some polyester pants.

Eric Iverson:
@SouthEastGrind also serves delicious 24 hr food! And I also don’t like Dave Matthews or his band or any combo thereof.”

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