E111 – Joe Biel: Microcosm Publishing & more

Joe Biel is a long-time notable Portland, Oregon resident with many distinctions, including the founding of Microcosm Publishing, Cantankerous Titles, his documentary film production, the Dinner & Bikes tours, and experience in the Critical Mass movement in the city.  He stopped by the studios today on a Tom’s Cargo Bikes flatbed frontloader bike to discuss these things and much more.

Keith thanks us for the podcasts and specifically recognizes Darren Sinn and our interview with him as being enjoyable.

Steve in WY: “don’t know if you’ve seen this editorial from one of the worlds most celebrated car nuts, but he gives account of cycling and calls out cyclist for being too unfriendly. I argee with all his points.”  Bike Snob also mentioned this article in a recent post, and offers reasons why other cyclists might not wave to you.

Another Steve mentions that our podcast feed is giving his podcatcher trouble.  We’re aware, and trying to get things working smoothly.

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