E030 – John Boblett: Portland Pedalounge

John Boblett, the man behind Portland Pedalounge, joins us to explain his journey into owning and operating a pedal-powered party machine.

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We discuss: intro from memory, LOLcats, tuition pays for dinner, Pedalpalooza kicks off!,Cirque du Cycling and the chopper Brock noticed, Prince vs. David Bowie dance partyand massive stereo systems, Lance from Edible Cycles and his trailer, dancing in a graveyard to “Thriller,” born the day that James Dean died, stranded in Minnesota, Brock mixes metaphors, Northeast Portland neighbors shake hands, John’s first bicycle: a Schwinn with backpedal shift, Minneapolis as #1 Bicycle City, Dr. Seuss & the Lorax, Brandon & John beatbox, Darren & his Australian accent, the word “whilst,” the “Farmer Blow” method of blowing one’s nose, meeting the bicycle dealer, literally kicking the tires, rolling with a keg in Europe, other operations in Minneapolis MN, Austin TX, Bend OR, etc., difficulties with the OLCC, Brock’s phone rings, red tape can be fun, 2 hour tours, meetup at Amnesia Brewpub and visit Prost, Saraveza, Lucky Lab, etc., iPod hookup, how does it handle?, www.pedalounge.com, beer talk

All over the Internet: NYC filmmaker Casey Neistat demonstrates the problem with blocked bike lanes
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Ron Con Coca Cola: NYC is a 3 way street
PathLessPedaled: Farm Stays are an innovative way to connect with the land and meet people
Low Tech Magazine via Logan: the forgotten future of the stationary bike

Brandon tries the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout from Tadcaster, John drinks the Bridgeport Hop Czar, and Brock enjoys the Kirin Ichiban – “Brewed For Good Times.”

Headlong Into the Abyss” by We Are Augustines from their 2011 release Rise Ye Sunken Ships. www.weareaugustines.com
Rise Ye Sunken Ships - We Are Augustines

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