E004 – Life Without Microwaves

We’re everywhere online, drinks, goodbye RV, PIR bike night, BikePortland.org, IKEA bikes, drunk biking, skateboards are street legal, David Heddy on microwaves.

Brock & Adele’s photo from PIR Bike Night, IKEA bikes, Drunk Biking

Josh Schicker, “Open Door” from his 2005 release “Moonlighting.” http://www.joshschicker.com;
Moonlighting [bonus Track Edition] - Josh Schicker

Excerpts from Traffic & Weather’s 2008 recording “Disappear.”http://www.myspace.com/trafficandweatherband

Brandon & Heddy coincidentally both brought the MacTarnahan’s Hum Bug’r.  Brock drank a 24oz. can of Olde English “800.”

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