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E330 – Matt Reinvents the Mini Mart

Matt Brown is an old friend of Brock’s, and in addition to his impressive career in the coffee industry, he’s just pioneered a new concept in convenience stores: Mini Mini, offering a simple yet satisfying solution to your immediate needs for food and beverage on your way to the next thing.  We chat about that, and cover stolen band equipment and coffee on the way!  And listen carefully at the 1:13:10 mark for a special offer for listeners…

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December 9,10: STREAM PDX Fundraiser Party and 24-Hour Podcast Challenge Screening
December 11: Kimmy Cross at The Beer Mongers! (Brock and Aaron play “black knights”)
December 18: Puddlecycle, Grinch Singalong Ride
December 23: Silent Soltice Ride
December 25: Puddlecycle, Empty Streets Downtown Ride
February 27: Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby, Gainesville FL

From via Josh G.: Larry vs Harry starts global cargo bike partnership with DHL
From Shaq rides a DirtySixer in ad

Via the facebooks: Ryan Tracy rated your podcast 5 stars!
From Phil in AK: congrats and challenge for apparel, new ice beard.

From Superfan Aqua: “Finally saw that Pugsley. That thing is badass!”

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E055 – Alex Roth: The Pepper Peddler

This week we’re privileged to interview Alex Roth, founder of a Davis, CA based business that roasts and distributes coffee around a bicycle-based infrastructure.  Learn more at We discuss: misconceptions about The Pepper Peddler, roasting peppers, inspired by Burlingame Pizza, Davis mayor names the unofficial coffee of the city, Trek in the Park, he’s like a drug dealer, Four Loko drives regulation, HUB’s 7-Grain Coffee Infused Stout, the roasting setup with cycle mechanism and propane heat, business flux, roasting as a team and the Post-Roast Toast, delivery and pre-sales, coffee politics and economics, the “milkman” model of delivery, the kids that deliver the coffee and the fleet of bikes, rain pay (!), coffee origins and fair trade/organics, regional taste, describing flavors shouldn’t cause insecurity, a rough sketch of coffee economy, local food sources, seasonal orders, the special dark roast, the roaster’s blend, Fox 40 news spot, and lastly Alex’s bands The Mad Cow String Band and the West Nile Ramblers.

from David Heddy: “Very important discovery today…Brandon has talked about this several times.”

from Logan: “Whoah! Big news! Alan and Michael are closing up shop at EcoVelo! ‘Times they are achangin‘’ to quote Bob Dylan.” (we also mention this atrocious song from Dylan’s xmas project)

from Radimar: Portland is near the top of the list of Cities With Strangest People. True.

From StreetBooks: a book drive happening December 15th in Portland

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