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E398 – Velo-teering with Armando, Aqua, & Joan

We are joined by return guests Armando, Aqua, and Joan to chat about volunteering for bicycling events and what they’ve been up to this winter.

Also thanks to our drink sponsor The Beer Mongers for generously providing our libations (this episode Aaron does his best Springsteen tribute for them), and our generous Patreon donors for underwriting our operating costs!

2nd Friday of Every Month Boston Bike Party
Also 2nd friday of Every Month Indianapolis Bike Party
Every 2nd Sunday of every month Corvidae Bike Club Ride
Feb 1-3: Portland Winter Light Festival
Feb 3: Caddyshack! Ride
Feb 11: Worst Day of the Year Ride*
Feb 24: Menagerie in Motion Kinetic Derby Gainsville, FL
April 8:  Pedal Pursuit
April 14: Ladd’s 500    Team Sprocket Podcast will interview you!!
April 29: Monster Cookie Metric Century from Listener Hersch
May 19: DC Bike Ride
June 23: Petal Pedal*
August 19: Portland Century*
Sept 2: Tour de Lab*
Sept. 22: Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Lowell, MA

Boise, ID – February 8, 2018
Aarhus, Demark – March 3, 2018
SXSW, Austin, TX – TBD around March 9-12, 2018
Copenhagen – March 10, 2018
Albany, NY – July 22, 2018
Seattle, WA – TBD
Vancouver, WA – TBD
Arcata, CA – November, 2018
Bendigo, Australia – October, 2018

From the Washington Post via Tim Mooney: For public transit agencies losing riders, microtransit might be an answer

From William C in MI “Say nice things about Detroit! [again]”: There is a strong grass roots effort with serious momentum to add cycling to local conversation. In addition to the inclusion of MOGO, bike lanes, Slow Roll and a receptive culture, Detroit has added a velodrome to the landscape.

Bert F. found Aaron’s doppelganger:

From Ranger Tom: he is entertained!

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E392 – Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race

Happy Holidays, all you Sprocket Podcast devotees! Or, as these socks suggest, happy Challah Days if that is appropriate to your observance.

Brock went to Boston as is his custom for the Christmas season, and while there he spoke with Michael & Bianca of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, an amazing feat of engineering and teamwork that sees groups compete with homemade human-powered machines through obstacles such as a river and a mud pit.  Listen to our interview conducted in the back office of a seasonal skating rink!

The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race happens every third Saturday in September EVERY YEAR, so get your team together and your machine engineered!

Other Kinetic Sculpture Races in the world (from Wikipedia):
Humboldt County, CA: Kinetic Universe, Memorial Day & all year round
Baltimore, MD:, May 2018
Port Townsend, WA:, October 2018
Corvallis, OR:, TBA 2018
Ventura, CA:, TBA 2018
Klamath Falls, OR:, TBA 2018
Philadelphia, PA:, TBA 2018
Cour D’Alene, ID:, TBA 2018?

See you back after the new year with another studio episode.  Happy New Year to you & yours!

E309 – Live at Pie-A-Thon 2016!

Brock & Aaron made an appearance at Pie-A-Thon 2016 in Portland, Oregon as both event hosts and featured performers.  Here’s their chat with Djinn Maury of Violin Secrets who creates amazing, beautiful soundscapes as a street performer.  His performances, such as this one from Portland’s Last Thursday event on NE Alberta Street, are well worth watching.  We totally forgot to mention that he hauls all of his equipment by bicycle, too!

Brock & Aaron also chat about making pies and chat with their friend Mark who was leading a group of friends who dropped in during a birthday ride, and event coordinator Trent Price of bands Lumberjack and Owl Antique shares his thoughts on the benefits of sharing creativity.  If you’re interested in how the emceeing went down, we’ve included a bit of that at the end as well!  And special thanks to our friends who came out to join us, including Eric, Aqua, Jon & Katie, Billy, Steven and Bob!