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  1. I’ve been a long time listener, but I missed the episode with Eva so the reprise was very welcomed.
    Listening to the episode, with the discussion of helmets and emergency rooms reminded me of a story from my past.
    This was about 10 years ago, I was living car-free in San Jose, CA and my commute paralleled the Caltrain route, so if it was lousy weather, or I had a lousy day etc, I would ride to the train station and cut 5 miles of riding out of my ride home. This was one of those days – dead tired, I am walking my bike at the train station, when I hear someone call my name, I turn, and trip over my pedals and fall, hurting my hand. It turned out the person was calling to another Mark, so I continued on my way and boarded the train, then looked at my hand – my pinky finger was pointing off in the wrong direction, and it turned out to be broken. I was relatively new to San Jose at the time, so I called my daughter, and asked her to fire up google and find a hospital with an emergency room near the San Jose train station, and that I would meet her there. When I am at the hospital somebody with a clipboard and a bunch of questions comes into the room, and asks what happened – I explain, they then asked if I was wearing a helmet – I say no, the helmet was hanging from the handlebars. She notes on the form -‘Bike Accident, No helmet, injuries’. So I helped to add to the no helmet statistics.

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